PRICE: $54.95


For Brunswick GS-X Series Pinspotters
Another SOLID product by
Brainstorm Innovative Solutions


Introducing the NEW
Heavy Duty Ball Detect Cover

Installed Right Side Profile

Individual Rear Profile

Front Installed Profile

This new patented design is to protect the precious ball detect sensors used on the GS-X series pinspotters. In many bowling centers, these sensors frequently get damaged and destroyed by rogue balls of all sizes. This design has been in one center where sensors were being hit one to 4 times in a single week. The cost of these sensors continues to climb year after year and there is now an affordable way to insure that you are no longer a victim of this high cost.

These units were in testing for a full year and during that time we have yet to have a cover get damaged due to impact and in turn not a single ball detect sensor has been lost since then.

This unit by default is sold in a matte black finish or the purchaser can repaint the unit to match their equipment. It is fabricated from 3/16" steel and welded nearly 3/4" deep in the corners of the main support portion of the cover to increase the amount of impact this design can withstand. Designed with simple installation in mind, this unit can be installed with only four heavy duty screws ("Anvil" screws were used in our test center)

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