Brainstorm Essentials
Completely rebuilt platform!!!

We are extremely excited to announce that after two and a half years in the making, we have released our sixth version of our industry leading software. We have been working many long hours to be able to make this release happen. We have completly rebuilt the base platform to minimize dependencies on other manufacturers' software for some of the features to work. We have made many changes to the package and further simplified tasks so you can focus on your work and not sitting and entering information all day. After talking to some of our current customers, they seem welcoming to an interface change. So we have unified the look of the application throughout and made nearly all sections that are interacted with simple and lightweight.

Users are no longer forced to fit things that must be worked on into fake lane numbers. Everything worked on is input as a asset to be interacted with. Users can have unlimited number of assets sorted in any number of departments. Users can now have unlimited users in system. It has still has Asset Issue Logging, Inventory Management, Personnel/Contact Management, and many more features just to name a few. For more information on the features of this application, please see the Features section of the site.