Pinsetter Essentials Professional
Still going strong!!!

This program has been through many versions and languages over the course of the last 9 years and it is steadily going for all the current users. Our Solution Developer and Senior Designer are both currently working as mechanics in our GSX test facility and have extensively used this application. This application will provide you with the tools to control your inventory in an efficient manner and also provide key feedback for center managers with just the push of a few buttons. This program begins with 3 key sections that the other programs like this do not include in one complete application. It has Trouble Call Logging, Inventory Management, Personnel/Contact Management, and many more features just to name a few. For more information on the features of this application, please see the Features section of the site.


This bracket kit will save mechanics with the FRAMEWORX/VECTOR touchscreens much unneeded headaches when it comes to a touchscreen with a broken back plate support. Over the course of 6 years at my current facility, we have sent MANY touchscreens back to Brunswick© to have this repair made for over $440 EACH. We have found this to be a RIDICULOUS cost due to the fact that the bracket is a very small cost to them with the cheap steel they use. We have re-engineered this bracket with 11 gauge steel as a bolt-on replacement to the welded on version that it comes with.