Support is offered through email support or by phone. Email support has a 24hr response time.
See our company page for email address and telephone numbers.

Please email with any questions, suggestions, bugs, or to report any other problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum supported screen resolution for Pinsetter Essentials?

A screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or greater is supported, any resolution lower such as 800 x 600 will work but may not display some windows correctly.

What if I encounter a persistent error?

Inside Pinsetter Essentials go to the [HELP] Menu then to the [ERROR REPORT] Advanced View) or [SHOW ERROR REPORT] Task (Basic View), a new window will open called Error Log Report, please select everything in the Error Log Report by clicking on the [Copy Log] button. Now minimize Pinsetter Essentials and open your default email program and in the subject area please write "Error Log", in the main body of the message give us a brief explanation of what you were doing when the error occured. After you're finished with that, press [ENTER] a few times and right-click in a blank area below your explanation and click [PASTE]. It should then paste everything from the error log directly into the email you are going to send. Once you have read and made sure the error log did paste and you are satisfied, please send us that email at

How many versions of Pinsetter Essentials are there?

There are 3 versions of Pinsetter Essentials that cover all the common equipment on the market. There is Pinsetter Essentials for GS Series Equipment, Pinsetter Essentials for AMF 8270/8290 Series Equipment, and Pinsetter Essentials for A/A2 Series Equipment

Is there a "DEMO" available so I can try before I buy?

Yes, there is 20 day DEMO of Pinsetter Essentials available in all 3 versions so you may try it to see if it meets your needs. They can be downloaded here in the Downloads page.

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