Brainstorm Essentials is THE essential Center Maintenance Software for family entertainment centers.

Available for 32-bit and 64-bit platforms.
Current version: 5.197
Platform: Windows XP SP3 to 10
Price: $295.00
Rebuilt for SQL Server for all data activities for added reliability and stability
The ONLY all-in-one software package available for the maintenance divisions of ten-pin bowling centers and family entertainment centers that is installable as a standalone application and maintained by mechanics and engineers in the field
Can include ANY number of vendors, contacts, parts sorted in departments as well as use ANY style part number format that a vendor may use
Database comes with a minimum of 80 part images included and nealry unlimited number of additional photos can be added for assets and parts
We are always taking requests from mechanics for future additional features
Revisions are always being made to improve the functionality of the application
Each purchase is eligible for FREE core updates throughout the lifecycle of each full version number
All parts include a barcode label and optional part image that the user can change at any time
unlimited number of users now supported. Each can be used with access rights and unused users can be disabled for added security
Completely new interface featuring many characteristics and theme elements from many modern applications and simplified unniformity
Automaic updates are now included for ease of pushing updates for features and bug fixes
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