BRAINSTORM STUDIOS is a company dedicated to making the responsibilities of bowling center mechanics and FEC engineers easier to manage. We at Brainstorm Studios are committed to providing some of the best software available to better handle inventory, stop calls, and order management. We also put many hours into research and development to design replacement parts to solve some of the problems mechanics and engineers are forced to deal with. Some of our parts are specifically designed for resolving some key problems that plague proprietors with bloated costs simply because the manufacturer would like to continue forcing customers to have them fixed or replaced by them ONLY. It's time for another player to bring change to the people.

Brainstorm Studios is just a phone call away. Our development team doesn't only focus on creating expertly designed components and quality software. They also help our team of dedicated technical support staff provide the highest levels of support and customer service.

Contact us without hesitation from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST and we'll be happy to answer questions and provide help.


404-966-9215 (Support)
678-814-6483 (Support)


Brainstorm Studios
115 Elizabeth Lane
Stockbridge, GA   30281

Teri Henderson
Founder & President, Technology

Teri Henderson is Brainstorm's founding CEO and Senior Enterprise Architect. She grew the company as a hobby over a 6 year period and profitably before moving into her role as President of Technology in August of 2008 when the company was officially made public. She continues to share responsibility for Brainstorm's day-to-day operations with Clay Jones.

She has been performing mechanical design and modeling since 1998, completed 2 years of manufacturing and fabricating and 3 years of building programmable logic controllers. During that time she worked as a freelance software developer building custom database applications and doing contract work for web site design and custom corporate graphic design. She is currently running Brainstorm out of another GSX based, 28 lane facility in Georgia. She began working there in 2014 and was brought in as Regional Facility Engineer over their other facilities.

Her mechanical design background includes programs like Autodesk Inventor, AutoCAD as far back as 2000, and Solidworks. Her software development background includes programs like Visual Studio, Crystal Reports, MS Access, and others. Her web and graphic arts background includes programs like those included in the Adobe Web Premier CS5 Suite. While the background is quite extensive, it is even more impressive that it has all been taught through a combination of post-grad education, self-education with books and hands-on field experiences while employed at previous companies, and a driving determination to be educated.

Clay Jones
Co-Founder & President, Products

Clay has been in the bowling business since 1982. After having done various jobs he found his passion for the business when he was introduced to an AMF 82-70 in 1989, and by 1990 he was head mechanic of a 64-lane facility. All by the age of 21, and based in south Florida.

After moving to Atlanta in 1992 he began work for an independent proprietor servicing an AMF 82-70 center until it was sold in 2003.

In 2003 he was offered the opportunity to learn the new and modern Brunswick GSX Pinsetter. This is where he met future business partner Teri Henderson. With Clay’s knowledge of parts and equipment and Teri’s knowledge of mechanical design, software skills, and electronics, this is how Brainstorm Innovative Solutions was formed. Clay is currently working in this facility full time as head mechanic and still working for the same independent proprietor.

Besides his 20 yrs in AMF 82-70’s and over 5 yrs in Brunswick GSX machinery, he has electronic scoring experience in Brunswick AS-80 Source Command, Brunswick AS-90 Command network, and Brunswick Frameworx. Along with that, 86 scanner and CCD camera knowledge.

After moving into his current role as President of Products, Clay’s goals are to constantly be improving part designs and function on Brunswick GS Series Pinsetters as well as various parts commonly used in the bowling business. He also continues helping and contributing to the development and improvement of Brainstorm’s own Inventory / Call Management software Pinsetter Essentials with Teri Henderson.

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