Pinsetter Essentials is THE essential tool for the maintenance division of all ten-pin bowling centers.
Current version: 3.2
Platform: Windows XP SP3 to 10
Price: $295.00
Version 2.0
  • First commercial release date is scheduled for August 1, 2008. This will be the first commercially released ten-pin bowling center maintenance software in over 5 years.
Version 2.1
  • Completely redesigned interface for ease of use. Added many new features. Expanding Windows2000 compatibility and enhancing the stability across Windows2000, XP, and Vista.
Version 2.2
  • By request of mechanics, added sections include an advanced reporting system to the call reports and a frames-per-stop section. Several performance fixes and upgrades have been applied. Due to cost constraints, we have officially dropped support for Windows 2000. Only XP and Vista now supported.
Version 2.3.502
  • As of this release we are no longer supporting activation codes. The retail versions will need to be upgrade to our new USB dongle system free of charge. Future updates will not work on any older versions. This is a security update and is highly recommended that current customers update their installations. We have added the ability to have calls, lane work, and quick notes in any combination reported in Advanced CallLogs by request of a mechanic. Same for the Daily Call Log.
Version 3.0.199
  • As of this release we are no longer using XP theming or Basic/Advanced interfaces. We have gone to a single interface based on theme elements from Office 2010 and Windows 7. We have gone and simplified many of the screens for ease of data entry and functionality. The application now supports up to 8 users with individual visual settings, passwords, and user images.
Version 3.0.212
  • We redesigned the Current Inventory Value report into a split option report at the request of another mechanic and we thought it was a suitable change. Now you can choose to show the note section or not to show the note section. This can greatly cut the number of pages the report requires to print at the expense of some detail. Also now when a part is used from inventory, it automatically logs a Lane Work call into your daily call log reports noting a part was used and what it's part number is without the need for double manual entry as was currently needed.
Version 3.0.218
  • Our QA department in doing some testing found an issue with the PO extended prices being rounded up/down depending on the number of items being ordered. It was in the unit cost as well as the extended cost columns. It has been corrected as well as a few performance tweaks have been made.
Version 3.2.***
  • We added new features: Cross-Reference in Pinsetter Inventory, Frame Count usage graph, Message Center, and Automatic Updates. We have redesigned the Advanced Call Log reports for more detail and Drill-Down features. We also redesigned the GSX style report for more detail and Drill-Down features as well. We have moved to the DotNet 4.0 framework and the new Crystal Reports 2010 engine for faster performance and faster reporting.
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